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Today’s gift

One of the most life-changing experiences for me is to realize on a daily basis that today is a gift.

This day to savor and enjoy in spite of circumstances. It really is my choice.

It is a lesson that repeats itself and each time becomes a little more clear.

There will always be another mountain to climb, in life’s hills and valleys, but it doesn’t change the fact that ..today’s a gift, not to return.

 I have spent many days planning for the next or looking back always trying to figure things out in my own understanding and this I always come back to in full circle.

“Savor this day” for this day is a gift from God and he desires we enjoy it to abundance.

The enemy of our soul wants us full of stress, strife ..having it consume our days..or filling us with prideful control..

As we continue to grow and mature in Him, may we not lose the child-like wonder, that free  spontaneity to be in the moment…..to take joy…..laugh..observe the sunrise and sunset….they are different each day..God’s the best artist of all..

I have learned a happy heart is good like a medicine….C

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“Not always your battle”

The Lord Himself will fight for you, just stay calm.[Ex.14-14]

When you feel or “hear” the feelings..”You gotta do something” but, you’re not sure what? You’re in that place of wanting to “do” and finding it hard to “just be.

It’s best to stand and watch what God will do.

He will do amazing things if we but stand.

Our standing is not always visible for it is a heart choice…


stay the course, no matter our circumstances….

Not all battles are ours, and our strength is depleted when we make it so, as

false responsibilities always do. 

Rest assured…..if you are feeling “you gotta do something” and the way seems unclear….wait for God is about to do something…


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“What brings you peace”?

Peace is the temperature gauge for being led by the Spirit.

A peace that passes all human understanding, figuring out, mulling over and dissecting until you are worn out. Peace is the sweetest when you surrender all these energy draining thoughts.

Let peace have the lead.

 May our feet walk the way of peace.

I have noticed, haven’t you, that..

Peace hangs out with other worthwhile companions…

Contentment, joy, faith, kindness and the rest of

 “The all is well with my soul family”.

Now may the Lord of peace Himself give you peace always

in every way. 

The Lord be with you all, saturating your soul with peace.

Luke 1:79  Jn 20:9  Ro. 8:6  Ro. 14:17  Gal.5:22-23  2 Th. 3:16

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Remember to trust

When thoughts come relentlessly, reminding you of things to do..what to accomplish, the list grows long..of what if’s and what could be and peace quickly flees…..

Remember to Trust…..

“my child never forget the things I have

taught you.”

Store my words in your heart, and you will live many years satisfied.

Never let loyalty and kindness leave you! Carve their initials on your heart. God’s favor is with you and others will see this.

Trust the Lord with all your heart; do not depend nor lean on your own understanding..He will show you what path to take.

Don’t trust in your own wisdom. Turn from evil and depressing thoughts.

My children don’t be upset when the Lord corrects you, because a Loving Father corrects a child He delights in.

My child, don’t lose sight of common sense and discernment. Hang on to them for they refresh your soul.

He blesses His own….

Remember to trust..for He is trustworthy…

You are His Beloved…..and he loves you wildly beyond your comprehension..

Prov. 3  [NLT and The Message]

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Simply Listen

There are many voices in the world vying for our attention and we become fragmented if we try to listen to all.

 Draw aside…quieten our busy world, turn off the noise and give the Holy Spirit time to direct, counsel and restore much-needed rest to our souls.

He promises His sheep will hear His voice, know it and will follow Him. But to clearly hear His voice, we must hear  often enough to recognize it.

I have found there are no shortcuts..no quick ways…..

 Other than spending time with Him, listening, reading His word…taking walks, enjoying His presence, just being…. 

Oh what a difference….

When the one who sets the blazing sun in the evening, raises it afresh in the morning. The master of the wind..who neither slumbers nor sleeps…..wants to tell you what he thinks and how he feels about you and sometimes without a word..just a powerful knowing….He wants to be with you…

He’s always available and doesn’t need to schedule you in..

Wouldn’t it be a good thing to simply listen,,,,to make time for Him…..life becomes less complicated and oh the peace that passes all understanding..

Blessings to all…

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Change Me

Be truly glad, these trials are only to test your faith, to see whether or not it is strong and pure…So if your faith remains strong after being tried in the test tube of fiery trials, it will bring you much praise and glory and honor on the day of His return…..[1 Peter: 6-7]

The easiest road to travel  is to blame others, our circumstances and situations for our trials, whether small or fiery.

  I know this well and feel this lesson is engraved on my heart, only to find myself back in God’s classroom  saying “change me.”

“We are God’s workmanship” [Eph;2:10]….we are a work in progress  and He will complete the work He began in us. This is a promise…..He is the potter..I am the clay, not the other way around.

I remember a quote my mom used to say..”every man must take his own hide to market’…and I remember my thinking yeah, yeah, yeah……but it is truth..a paraphrase of Phil 2:12..

His fiery trials don’t char but bring about the character and heart change he desires in us. The molding…shaping bringing forth gold……..He will cause all things to work together for good to those who love Him.

“Change Me, Lord” there are those things in my heart that only you can see……things I don’t understand and don’t have to, unless you desire  for me to know.

You have a purpose for every trial your children walk through…..

Thank you for your classrooms,  and your powerful transforming love….

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